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Pre-Wedding Shoot Rayong, Thailand :

One of the best pre-wedding shoots' I've been a part of in recent years. Tanisha & Hursh are a sweetest couple. Kudos to them for their enthusiasm and also for waiting patiently on this surreal rock against the endless sea, in the beautiful Rayong, Thailand.

งานแต่งงานของไทย - Beach Wedding Venue & Decor

A wonderful stage setup for a Thai Wedding Ceremony by the amazing Wedding Planners. One of the best wedding photo setups. Smack in the middle of a pool and the blue sea. Only a panoramic photo could do it justice!

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A Bali Wedding :

Thanks to the couple for squeezing out time between the wedding ceremony and reception to let us capture the picturesque Bali Beach. A perfect moment captured between the gentle breeze and the veil

Richa & Amit - Haldi Ceremony, Indian Wedding, Mumbai:

As a wedding photographer, it was exhilarating to be a part of this stunning wedding in Mumbai. This particular photo was shot when the whole family decided to have a rain dance after the Haldi Wedding Ceremony.

Ramya & Mukund - Indian Wedding:

Not a typical wedding studio shot, this was taken as the bride was making her way to the venue, quite spontaneously. Thanks to the chilled-out bride and her bridesmaids. Not to forget the auto-rickshaw owner for letting the ladies take over his ride and pride.

A Vintage Bridal Entourage Shot:

An ideal edit for this image of the Bride and her Vintage Mercedes Car. One of my favourite wedding images showing the various emotions at play - the anxious bride trying not to be late, the Ring bearer kid seemingly proud of his aunt and the bystanders watching her pass by with a hint of envy

When you got it - Flaunt it!

The green eyes just stand out against the Red Sari which dominates most Indian Weddings. Bridal mehndi designs and the bangles from the Chuda ceremony add to the cinematic effect

Saptapadi - The 7 steps

This is the Indian wedding function equivalent of the 'vows' in a typical eastern wedding. There are 7 vows that the couple make to ensure that their strong long lasting marital bond lasts forever

Hello Gorgeous!

This image of an Indian bride getting ready for her big day speaks for itself, doesn't it? She's a true Malayali beauty!

A dash of Luck

A number of things went my way in making this wedding day photo - The driver of the car stopping at the right place, the reflection of the church on the car window and the absolutely gorgeous Bride and her lovely smile - all in one shot!

Fisherman's Cove - Mahabalipuram, South India

It's not everyday that you get to shoot your friend and business partner's wedding

Bhoganandishwara Temple - Nandi Hills!

Thanks to Deepti & Vineet for introducing me to this amazing temple. A 1000+ year old, 9th Century Temple that is still functioning as it was then. A truly historic place to have your wedding!

The original 'Ice Bucket' challenge!

On a cool winter evening in Bangalore, between the wedding madness, the groom - Gaurav - had no clue what was in store for him!

All about the Gown!

With the sun all but gone, we had to improvise quite a lot to showcase the amazing red gown (bride's fav) in all its splendour. Wireless speedlights to the rescue!

Wedding Fun & Games

The couple deservedly have some fun playing games towards the end of a long wedding ceremony. Be it a Thai Wedding or Indian Wedding, Weddings should also be fun

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