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200+ AWESOME Weddings, and ...


Tanisha Hursh: Pre-Wedding Shoot Rayong

Easily one of my most appreciated images. It took a while to set up this shot & kudos to the couple for their immense patience. As someone said “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”!

Richa & Amit - Haldi Ceremony

It was awesome to be a part of this amazing Mumbai wedding. This particular photo was shot when the whole family decided to have a rain dance after the Haldi Wedding Ceremony.

A Vintage Shot! No pun intended!

A dated edit for this image of the Bride and her Vintage Mercedes Bridal Car. One of my favourite images showing the various emotions at play - the anxious bride trying not to be late, the Ring Bearer kid seemingly proud of his aunt and the bystanders watching her pass by with a hint of envy!

Ramya & Mukund - Wedding

A very spontaneous and opportunistic shot as the bride was making her way to the venue. Thanks to the enthusiastic Bride and her maids and not to forget the Auto-rickshaw owner for letting the ladies take over his pride & joy.

Sheetal Nitin | Pre-Wedding, Hua-Hin - Thailand!

A truly 'candid' moment! As I was setting the couple for a shot, this cute kid burst into the scene with a look of uncertainty, surprise and general confusion as to what exactly was happening here. And me - not one to miss such an opportunity proceeded on to be a trigger happy photog.

A Bali Wedding

Thanks to the couple for making the time in-between the Wedding and Reception for a beach photography session. The gentle breeze and the Veil makes this image spectacular.

Beach Wedding Venue & Decor - Thailand

A wonderful stage setup for the Wedding Ceremony by the Wedding Planners - between the Pool & beach blue sea. Only a panoramic photo could do it justice!

Deepti & Sid - Getting Ready

One of Deepti's favourite candid shots from her getting ready session. One of my favourite couples - they are now blessed with a gorgeous baby girl. Yay!